Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to the drawing board

Went back to range to test lever action. Still doesn't feed worth anything. I also shot the .357 LCR  pistol I won a while back. I believe both guns are making a one way trip to Whitakers and I will bring back something different. Revolver is just too small for my hands. Can't beat it for free, but it is just a poor fit. I already have a snub .357  of my dad's anyway, so it is redundant. Did kick around cowboy town some more. Played with the shotguns today as well. Played til we ran out of ammo and had to come home. Ran out of daylight too, so it was perfect timing. Pretty nice day. Tomorrow is the picnic at the club. Bad timing as far as the date. September 11th is the clubs 75th anniversary. Figure I will go help out for a while. Suppose to go on most of the day with games and contests for the kiddies.

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