Sunday, September 11, 2011


The clubs 75th anniversary picnic went great. They had a ton of people show up. They had a silent auction with gun and bow accessories, clothing and other odds and ends. The kids were having a blast on the hayride. They hooked up a long trailer to on of the tractors and took them around the club grounds and through the acreage the club bought next door. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, brats and many side dishes. It really turned out well. I will head back tomorrow to try the Rossi again. They had the rifle range down while the hay rides were going on. The weather was decent, but crazy. Kinda like Florida weather. It started to pour when I arrived at the club. Five minutes later the sun was back out and you couldn't tell it rained. It repeated cycle a couple times, but the food is under a roof along with the picnic tables and most of the grounds have big trees that shield most of the rain anyway, so all was good. They set up a petting zoo for the kids and had a fishing contest. All in all it was a great day. Back to work tomorrow though.Six day week coming up, fun fun fun...

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