Friday, September 9, 2011

Cowboy town

Went to the club today to play around at cowboy town. Took my brother's black powder open top revolver out for some smokey fun. Definitely makes you appreciate what they went through in the old pioneer days. Couldn't imagine trying to reload that thing while under fire. It is a fun shoot at the range though. Was having trouble with the percussion caps. Wound up the problem is I didn't follow guy rule number one. We never read directions. I was using #11 caps that were called out in the directions which just about fall off. After some frustration, I went to the gun store down the road and took the revolver in to see what he suggests. He says #11 caps are for rifles, revolvers use a #10 cap. Tried the #10 caps and problem solved. First time shooting black powder. Man is it smokey. I shot four of the six targets I was going for and couldn't see the last two through the cloud. If you are shooting slow, it isn't bad, but if you go for speed, you can't see. It is a fun gun to play with though.

Tried my Rossi lever gun again. Ready to turn it into kindling. It keeps flipping loaded rounds and either throwing them on the ground or jamming in the action. Only shot a little over half of whatever I loaded and flipped the rest on the ground. Weekend looks pretty busy. The club is celebrating their 75th anniversary. Unfortunately it falls on September 11th. They are planning a family picnic. Figure I can go give a hand, and maybe scarf down some grub while I am there. Still need to play at the rifle range. It started raining too heavy to go there after cowboy town. Cowboy town is pretty rain proof. You can go to one of the areas that is a building you shoot out of with tables inside for staging your gear. The targets reset themselves so you literally don't have to worry about weather at all. It was a great time. Hit the Coldstone on the way home for some ice cream for later. Have chicken in the oven and guns on table ready for cleaning. Didn't work on the mustang during vacation, but still had a great time. Any time away from work is good. Take the dog in for his recheck tomorrow. He seems to have pretty much recovered thankfully. Is getting around well and I am having a hard time even trying to keep him from jumping on furniture and running around. But that is good, it means he feels better.

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