Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some people shouldn't breed

Went to the gun show today to talk to a couple of buddies and get some ammo for the krag. I get talking with one of the guys I know and he tells me of the excitement at yesterdays show. The place follows the standard procedure for firearms at show. Someone comes in and hands gun over. They remove mag and put zip tie through so mag cannot be reinstalled and they allow him in to show. Moron goes in, cuts tie, reinstalls mag, and apparently chambers a round. He was trying gun in a holster and the gun goes off. As god looks out for idiots, he is unscathed. The round hits the concrete floor (unfortunately missing the idiots foot or genitalia) and sends shrapnel (mix of concrete fragments and bullet fragments) up into crowd. Clerk got grazed  in the face by some, a young teenage accompanying his parents caught some in his leg and had to go to hospital. The police came and escorted him out in cuffs. Guess alcohol was involved as well. I don't understand why, when someone is this stupid, it is never them who get hurt by the blatant stupidity. It is always the innocent people around said moron.

I did see a few nice guns there. My one buddy has a nice krag for sale, but I held off for now. They usually don't sell that quick down here, and I am trying to back the price off some. He still has the danish krag with bayonet I want as well. He also has a couple of the leather ammo pouches for the krag ammo. It is marked US on the outside and dated early 1900's. They were in excellent condition and would be nice to have, but not at $200 apiece. He also had a couple of really old 20 round boxes of ammo for it in the army cardboard. I wouldn't shoot it, but it would be cool for the curio cabinet. I did manage to pick up my ammo and caught up with a collector there, unfortunately, he doesn't have any krag parts.
When I finished at the show, I headed to the club and helped out at the spot shoot. Next week will be the last one for the spring. They will draw tickets for the henry .22 lever action and a progressive meat raffle I have tickets on. It was a beautiful day. Mid 80's with a nice breeze. I was going to try the savage out, but the wind was really strong and they claim the .17 doesn't fair well in high wind. Figure I will try to get out after work one night during the week.

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