Thursday, July 31, 2014

I have lost hard drives over the years.

I won't but Western digital to this day as they were the worst. As in when a drive I bought new died, they sent me a new one as I had the warranty. The new drive died, and again, I got yet another under warranty. That one died shortly before the warranty ran out. That being said, I am very familiar with hard drive failures, how to replace them and what a pain it is to lose info. What I don't understand is how someone can lose a hard drive which loses certain chunks of e-mail, yet saves others. Very weird.

Funny how the ones that would implicate her and the IRS conveniently disappeared. I can't really say too much about her remarks on the conservatives as I tend to berate the liberals in much the same way. Big differences are I use my computer, not a government agency's computer. I don't work for said agency. She abused her authority by singling out conservatives and got away with it. If I were to have e-mails similar to hers on my work account, I wouldn't be working anymore. Government officials should be held to a higher standard as what they do effects all tax paying citizens. Still say her and a whole slew of people covering for her should be in a cell somewhere.

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