Thursday, July 17, 2014

Usually, when I go on vacation, I pick a cheap Comfort Inn. Something in a decent area, not fancy, just somewhere to sleep while on a trip. Check this out. Full concierge service. Three swimming pools. Read the brochure, it is quite impressive. How many weeks do you think you could afford to stay here. Well, in order to stay here, if the nasty public hadn't butted in and ruined it, all you would have to do is leave the country and sneak in illegally. The government, which can't seem to find money for the veterans, was in the process of buying above hotel resort. What for,,,,,, Housing the illegal immigrants of course. A place for the people sneaking in our country to stay while awaiting seeing a judge or other arrangements. This is no joke. The only reason it got dropped is because the local citizens (legal American citizens) raised holy hell, and justly so.

I found this so unbelievable, I had to check a different media source, and:

The government was going to hire staff to run the hotel for the immigrants. What the hell. How about we go through with the purchase of this facility and house the veterans who need help there and boot the illegals directly back across the border, no pit stop, no money, no free (paid for by us taxpayers) anything. Simply send them back across the border. Maybe the ones heading this way would turn back when they saw a wave of their brethren heading back home.

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