Friday, July 18, 2014

It's been a fast three years

Got a notice in the mail yesterday. My renewal for my curio and relic license. It is much easier to renew than apply. I didn't have to go down to the sheriff station and wait to see the sheriff and have him sign off on it like I did when originally applying. Just had to mail a copy of the renewal to the sheriff station. It comes in handy at the Kentucky gun shows. Most of the booths won't sell to you unless you have an FFL. I can buy qualifying handguns in other states, and take them home.  Cool thing I found out as well, machine guns count as C&R if they fall into the age rule and are on the list. Still have to pay the $200 tax stamp, but only once. Should I get lucky down the road and find the M2 I hope to get one day, I don't have to pay a to have it transferred to a Class 3 FFL, and again to have it transferred to me (which seems kind of silly anyway). Having a Curio Relic license, I can pay the fee, pass back ground and have it transferred and shipped directly to me. Doubt I will ever get one, but, if one comes along at decent price, it would be a cool addition to the collection as well as an investment as the price only goes up over time. The auctions down here get a few machine guns here and there, but so far, nothing that really interests me as far as owning. The one next week has a 50 cal. While high on the cool factor, don't care to try and afford to buy one, afford to shoot it, have room in a safe to lock it up, and, find a place to shoot it. On the other hand, the M2 would be a comfortable shoot, the local club allows machine guns (not the 50 cal variety) and the ammo isn't too badly priced. After every Halloween, they have a pumpkin shoot at the club. They bring out their machine guns and make pumpkin pulp: ) Like I said, doubtful to happen, but I keep hoping they get one at the auction.

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