Saturday, July 12, 2014

Only one day left

One day of freedom left before going back to work. Caught up with my son on the phone for a bit. He bought his first Harley last year after learning to ride. Sharp sportster. It was a model 72 retro which looked quite cool. Had the peanut tank on it, which while it looks cool, doesn't get you very many miles. He traded up to a Fat Bob. Should fit him a lot better as he is rather tall. Sharp looking bike. Glad to see him doing well.
It decided to rain today which gave me a  chance to concentrate on some inside chores. I made a big batch of chili and a batch of spaghetti sauce. I will package and freeze for meals down the road. Caught up on some of my chores I have been putting off. Not sure what to do with my last day off. May hit the range again for a bit. Didn't get over to cowboy town last time I was out. Still have the guns packed up. May take the luger out and try it. Have plenty of 9mm, just no 45.

Have a cool gun auction to hit in a couple of weeks. They have a M2 Browning .50 cal machine gun with tripod and many other accessories. They also have a Sten Mark III SMG with several mags and accessories. They have three machine guns so far for this auction. I always like to see what they go for. That is on top of the few hundred guns they normally have. God I hope I don't have to work that day. They have a lot of military guns up on the block. The silent auction is pretty cool as well. Never know what they will have in that. Last gun auction I went to, they had a military type motorcycle with side car they auctioned off at the half way point. They also have online auction bidding going on. What's cool is, I take my Kindle with and hook into their wireless so I can keep up with what the online bids are on items that interest me. It makes for a really enjoyable day.

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