Saturday, August 2, 2014

Good food, good time

Hit the Friends of the NRA banquet last night. Didn't win anything, but it was a great time. As luck would have it, I sat down at an open table to eat dinner, and all the ladies that walk the items around the event sat down at the table. Met a bunch of people from my club as well as a few from work. They were packed. No open spots at the tables, which is good as they had to have raised a decent amount of money. The money raised goes to help youth shooting sports and many other endeavors. I go to this one, and the one our club holds every year.

Got up this morning and hit one of the local gun shows. Picked up a small Kennedy machinist box and a riser box for fifty bucks. The two drawer riser is in great shape, the box is a bit rough, but will do fine in the garage for holding some cutters, micrometers, indicators and such. Couldn't pass it by for the price. Had some biscuits and gravy while there as well. They have decent food there. Trying to get up the ambition to go play in the garage a bit, but it feels good just to sit down for a little while.

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