Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I guess Windows 7 worked too well

Otherwise, why would Microsoft have made windows 8.something or other. My god, what a horrendous turd this operating system is. My old computer pretty much went south. I picked up a new one at the store. Windows eight. I am just about in tears trying to get my e-mail set up. Apparently, if you don't have outlook e-mail, you will by the time they are done with you. I managed to get yahoo e-mail in there, but my internet provider e-mail won't go no matter what I do. Doesn't want to give me the normal menu where I can input the POP info. It will import the mail from it, but will not let me actually use the in and outbox of the address. It just dumps the mail in a folder. The whole tabs look is messy to say the least. The menu in the lower corner was nice. I was use to it. Now, if I click or touch in the wrong area, screens scramble and randomly shut down. So far, my favorite was XP. I got use to 7 and it wasn't all that bad. Windows 8 looks to be the new windows ME. A complete piece of unusable junk filling the void until windows 9 hits the market. May have to see if I can get my windows 7 to install on the new computer. If I wanted windows to look like MAC, I would have bought a MAC.

I hit a couple more landscape places. Found a place with really good price on bulk rock. I just have to pop the cap off of the truck so they can load it up. The bags from the stores work great for easy unloading, but cost substantially more. Want to pick it up in the truck so I can back up and offload at the separate drop locations as opposed to having it delivered and having to shovel it into wheelbarrow, roll it to location and dump. Just have to come up with a decent storage for the cap. Found a nice pulley setup on the web. Hook it to the rafters in garage, pull the cable, tie it off, and it stores your cap at the ceiling of garage out of the way. To install, just back up under it and drop cap back on, install clamps.

Only a few more vacation days left. Been doing more work than fun stuff. Going to take a break tomorrow and head to the range for a bit of fun. Got the AR ready to roll. Want to take out the m1 carbine as well. Haven't got to shoot it yet. Have several guns I have been wanting to take out. Being midweek, hopefully the range will be fairly empty in the morning. Take the cowboy guns out as well. They put up some new buildings in cowboy town and some new targets. Should be a fun day. Running low on the 45 colt ammo. Need to set up the loader again.

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