Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lots of empty brass

I don't remember taking the scope off the AR, but it wasn't even close to being on. Like several inches off on the elevation. Had to throw a poster board out there just to see where I was hitting. Got her tuned in quick, just not sure how she got that far out of whack. Has been quite some time since I had it out. Got to shoot the M1 carbine as well. For a military gun, it has a red rider bb gun feel to it. First time I have shot one. Have to set up at the 50 yard next time as it or I didn't fare well with it at 100 yards. Of course iron sites and me being half blind probably doesn't help. Perfect day
out for it. Sunny with a nice gentle breeze. Not too many people out. Several people cycled in and out in the few hours I was there. Didn't realize I was completely out of 45 auto. Had a few boxes on my shelf, all empty brass. Not sure how they got mixed in with my new ammo. Haven't tried reloading any rimless cartridges yet. Have the dies, gages and bullets, just have to set her up and give it a try. I have a lot of brass saved up. Vacation is winding down, unfortunately. Still have a three day weekend left, but I am never ready to go back. Once you get a taste of living the life of a democrat, it's hard to rejoin the workforce again.

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