Monday, July 21, 2014

Buffer tube end

After work, I did a bit more on the lower. Made a quick drill guide out of a scrap of key stock. Drill is quite long, compounded by the fact that the area being drilled has a radius on the side that you have to break into without the bit walking off center.

                     All lined up on the hole, just need to put the drill guide in place to keep drill true.

I just held the block up against the angle plate and drilled through first tang. You can remove block    once you break through first tang as that hole lines up the next one.

Here it is all the way through. This is the hole I was most concerned with as it is a long way down with an extremely thin drill....................

                                            can be seen here.

Here I spot faced the pocket, drilled the hole for the take down pin spring, and drilled a starter hole for where the threaded hole will be for the buffer tube. I will finish bore it to size and thread it in the lathe.

                                     A little clean up and blending of the area where the grip goes.

Same with the other side. I will place on an angle block and mill the angled area to print, then drill and tap. She will be ready for the grip at that point.

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