Thursday, July 3, 2014

A prime reason for closing the borders, AND making english the OFFICIAL language of the country...

Could you imagine going to a country and living there, and not knowing the language? When people legitimately come to the country using legitimate means, learning the language is a requirement, as it should be. We are the only country I know of that not only doesn't punish illegal aliens in a very serious manner, we actually encourage them. Look at Obama and the liberal scum bussing the illegals all over the country. They are quite laughably handing them a piece of paper telling them to show up for court to determine what to do with them. Why on earth would you bus them, anywhere at all? Does anyone really believe any of them will show in court? Detain them at the border, document them well so if they show up again, you can prosecute them, then eject them back across the border. Does not matter what their country of origin is. They traveled illegally through Mexico to get here, let Mexico lock them up. If they are juveniles, so what. They made it here, they can make it back home. Sounds cold, but it is just the beginning. The message is being sent that you can dump your children across the border, there will be no end. Next thing the liberals will want is to import their parents so the family unit will be together.

The only thing broken about the system are the rejects in charge of it. Look up operation wetback. No, I am not using a racist slang term, it is what the government called it at the time, it was it's official name. They were having problems with illegals crossing over. They gathered them up, put them on ships, and dumped them way down south, not just across the border, so they would really have to travel to come back again. Everyone criticized Romney's self deportation idea. It worked back then. They were scurrying back across the border so as not to get shipped way south of their origin. It worked then, it will work now, if we had any honest politicians or leaders left, but we don't.

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