Thursday, July 4, 2013

Well rested anyway

Kind of a waste of a nice day. Woke up almost as tired as I was when I went to bed. Just laid about and rested up most of the day. Feel a whole lot better, except for wasting an entire day of actual nice weather. Think it was just too many hours for too long. Hope to stick my head out the door tomorrow and do something a little more productive. At least the neighbors got a great day for setting off their fireworks. Last year, they had a ban on them as the draught had everything way to dry for safely setting them off. Spike would be happier without them. Hoping on getting him in to the groomers while I am off work. He is a bit on the shaggy side. Cuts down on the dust bunnies everywhere, and he definitely feels better. Usually goes into hyper mode after his haircut.

1 comment:

  1. Re wasted day....did you pursue happiness? If yes then consider the day a success, not wasted.