Sunday, July 21, 2013

McCain should get a D

A D next to his name signifying demorat. McCain should give serious consideration to changing parties. He would fit in well with the demorats. He not only backs the amnesty nonsense that the dems push, he now backs restricting the second amendment rights of Americans. Why do they claim the stand your ground laws need repealing. Repealing is what they mean when they say they need "looking at". No, Trayvon shooting Zimmerman because he was following at a distance wouldn't be standing his ground. Shooting Trayvon while Trayvon was on top of him bashing his head against the sidewalk was self defense plain and simple. It amazes me how ignorant politicians can be and how they can twist things to try and get their antigun laws in place. Sort of on par with Bloomberg and his ilk heading over to the theater shooting ceremony to further his rhetoric. A bit out of New York's jurisdiction, but, there is a podium for him to spread his socialist venue. I once voted for McCain, actually more like voting against Obama, but now I regret just not voting for either. I sincerely hope McCain is done running for president so he can't put me in the predicament again of choosing between a democrat and him, democrat lite.

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