Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy busy busy

Made the mistake of traveling to Whitakers gun store today. You never go on a weekend. Their parking lot was full. The liquor store across the street was full. The vacant lot on the other corner was full. I went in on count of the drive to get there, but I did not stay too long. Way too crowded. The gun shows have been less crowded, so I figured the stores would be back to normal. Nothing I couldn't live without on the shelves. Got home and knocked the grass down in between rains. Hoping the weather improves soon. Hard to believe it's summertime with all the rain and dreary skies. Hit the Harley shop and drooled some more. They had a Heritage with white wall tires that wanted to come home with me. Maybe sometime down the road. Thinking of putting a shed in the corner of the backyard to accommodate a bike. That, and putting up the six foot fence.

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