Saturday, July 13, 2013


All the media mudslingers couldn't get the verdict they tried so hard to manufacture. My favorite media  slant is the picture of Martin when he was about twelve next to the picture of Zimmerman as he looks today. Maybe Obama can try using an executive order to help out. After all, Martin could have been Obama's son, as he said in a press release back when he opined as to the guilt of the white guy. I don't think it would have gotten as blown out of proportion as it did if the media would have reported he was only part white. The same percentage white as our president. Heck, Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. Not only did Zimmerman wind up being railroaded for a couple years, he may as well leave the country as I can already see some mob doing "justice" to him somewhere. Can't believe the riots haven't exploded yet. Will be nice when the media moves on to something else.


  1. Legal dynamics aside, why is it Zimmerman has one white parent and he is "WHITE/Hispanic" and our President has a white mother and a black/arab father and he's our "first BLACK president"?

  2. Exactly. I think it was a mistake made earlier on when the press initially reported him as white. They later determined he was only part white, but the hate mongering had already begun. I can't understand why the racist nonsense still exists in this day and age. It is self perpetuating and anymore, only the whites are considered racists. Crazy ass cracker was considered non racist in court. Flip the races around and put a redneck up there using the "n-word" and the redneck would have his life in his hands. Probably be held in contempt of court and have justice served in the holding cell.