Sunday, July 28, 2013

Steam show day

It was another perfect day outside. Weather is gorgeous. I got up and headed down to the iron and steam show. I have never been in that area before. Found some public hunting and fishing areas on the way out there. There were a lot of people fishing off the shore as well as some boats out on the water. Definitely going to have to do a little investigating out that way. The name of the place sounded familiar as well. I believe it is the place with the public shooting range people at work talk about. I thought it was further away than that.

 They had a working saw mill they were running off of a steam engine at the show. It was perfect weather to kick back and watch the different events. There was a huge flea market there. I came away with a few cast iron skillets and a cast iron corn bread pan. One of the old timers gave me a cornbread recipe to try. He also said to heat the proper amount of Crisco for the recipe in the skillet until it melts, pour it into the other ingredients and mix, then sprinkle some corn meal on the greased skillet and the cornbread wouldn't stick. Says it gives it a nice texture as well.

Waited too long to leave. I was going to grab some barbeque off one of the vendors there, but, they sold out. No problem, I hit the grocery on the way home and picked up some pork chops for the grill. Some corn on the cob and baked potatoes, and all was set. Had strawberry shortcake for desert, so, now a nap sounds pretty good.

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