Sunday, July 14, 2013

Took longer than I thought it would

I guess the jury of his peers wasn't good enough for the masses. Smash some windows, burn some flags, degrade the police for reasons only the maniacs know why. All that's missing are a few innocent "crackers" getting mauled "for Martin" and some big box stores being relieved of some entertainment equipment. Not sure how the looting helps even things out, but it is a usual aftermath occurrence. As far as the inevitable random attacks that are bound to come up ,unlike  Zimmerman following and confronting with reasonable suspicion, any acts of violence that get perpetrated by rioters will be random and on some innocent "cracker", probably by a mob versus one on one. Ah, the media is getting what they want, just a lot slower than what they hoped for. Maybe Sharpton and Jesse can spare some time to get the riots rolling full blast. The DOJ can help foot the bill as they did when they helped bus in the protesters to get Zimmerman arrested to begin with.  Wonder if the officer who lost his job when he didn't arrest Zimmerman to begin with because there wasn't enough evidence to back up a case will get his job back.

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