Friday, July 19, 2013

Dear Obama and Holder

Dear Obama and Holder, you racist scum sucking bigots. Holder, I don't hate you because your black. I absolutely loathe you for your part in fast and furious as Obama looked the other way and kept you on for another four years of hell. I hate you for the fact that your actions resulted in the deaths of agents working for their country. I hate you for the fact that despite your education, you buy into the Zimmerman deal and try to prosecute on a federal level, instead of talking sense into the masses and calming the situation down. I hate you for using tax dollars to bus people in to picket for the arrest of Zimmerman. I hate you on many levels Holder, but color has nothing to do with it. If you want to see a bigot, find a mirror. If you want to see two, take Obama with you. 

Obama, you ass hat. You could have been Trayvon. Really. You would have jumped an armed Latino (notice Latino and not white bonehead) and smashed his head into the concrete. You wouldn't have just stopped and waited on the police. You would have jumped him. You blame gun violence for Trayvon being dead. You are right in one aspect. Had Zimmerman no gun, the headlines the next day would have been on some worldly event. But toward the back of the paper, probably the Obits, would be a blurb of some Latino being mugged and killed having his head bashed in. You are totally right. Get the legal guns out of there. It makes it hard on the thugs. Had Trayvon simply waited for the police to show up and shown them his residence, the whole incident would have ended peaceably. At that time, he could also file a complaint on Zimmerman following him. Yes, black people can file complaints too, just like us crackers. If Zimmerman had pulled the gun to detain him, Trayvon could have gotten him on brandishing a weapon. Trayvon could have run. What is Zimmerman going to do, shoot him in the back? He could have walked to his house and let Zimmerman bring the police to the house and try to explain why he suspected a resident. Houses were being burglarized in the neighborhood by young blacks. That was the description of the perps. So, yes, I suppose all the people on the watch would pay more notice to the black people walking by. Had they said the burglars were white, he probably would have been looking for white people that were walking around late at night.

As far as white people locking their car doors when you walked by back thirty five years ago, you were in Chicago. The murder capitol of the world. You know, the place you called a model for gun control. It may have more to do with the fact there are a lot of blacks that don't like whites. It may have something to do with the fact that anytime something bad happens (picture Rodney King, and the current Trayvon events), not all blacks, but the black bigots go out looking for white people to make an example of. That isn't profiling because they are black looking to pummel whites. That's different I guess. You hit some real rural areas, and the blacks get the same treatment from white bigots, but one is just as wrong as the other. You would think in this day and age, the racist shit could go away, but people like you won't let it. You instigate more trouble. There is NO reason to take the trial federal because you don't like the verdict. Of course, can't miss the opportunity to use Trayvon's death help further the  gun control agenda. Now the stand your ground laws need looking at? What needs looking at may be the locking up until proven innocent event with Zimmerman. Maybe the fact that an officer lost his job because he didn't arrest Zimmerman because there wasn't enough evidence to convict. Yes Obama, there are things to look into, gun control and stand your ground are not among them.

I am not racist. I don't like Obama or Holder. I have a lot of legitimate reasons not to like them. Black has nothing to do with it. Had the primaries gone better, I would have voted for Cain. Not because he is black, because he had a good business sense. Because he had some different ideas. He may not have had a good political background, but, he had business sense which may have helped America get back on track. The left wing media made quick work of him though. Apparently only democrats can get away with some prior inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex. Maybe it doesn't count because Lewinsky spit, who knows. I do know blacks voting for Obama just because he is black is just as ignorant as whites who wouldn't have voted for him solely because he is black. I didn't vote for him twice, not because he is black, it has more to do with him being a socialist, liberal scumbag. It has more to do with him destroying our constitutional rights. Well, time for this crabby, racist crazy ass cracker to go. Think I'll go holler at the kids to get off the lawn:)

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