Thursday, July 11, 2013

Louisville Day today

I headed out Louisville way for the day. Hit the zoo since the weather was perfect and I could use the exercise. Afterwards, it was off to Cabela's. The new must have worn off as I could park front row and the store was pretty empty. The gun library was a little depressing. They had a krag that had been cut off poorly, the stock looked like someone rounded the cut off end on a pedestal grinder. They wanted just short of a grand for it. Maybe if it was a pristine rifle, or a rough but genuine carbine, but not a hacksaw cut down. They had a couple overpriced broomies on display. The silly ropes were down so you could actually walk around the gun counter and see what they had. Being in Kentucky, I would have to have them send a pistol to a FFL in my area if I bought one. I really wish Uncle Sam could fix the law so you could buy a handgun in another state as long as you are not a felon. It is an added expense and pain having to ship a gun. If I was a real menace and wanted to shoot up an area, I could take a gun along. The law is silly and outdated. In todays high speed world, background checks are quick enough that state lines should be meaningless for gun purchases. They had a horribly butchered enfield rifle they wanted almost six hundred for. I could just buy one at the next gun show for $250, cut the stock down, paint (not reblue) the metal and save myself a few hundred bucks. Not impressed at all. The Hammond store was much better both on price and quality. Their help up north was also top notch. Probably just stick with going to Whitakers in the future. The ammo section was fully stocked which was surprising. I am stocked up on just about everything as I usually am, but a lot of stores are running a little bare.

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