Monday, July 8, 2013

No, that isn't racism at all

I am sure he will meet with all the women, then maybe any Hispanics. Asians, and any other non male white folk ,and, if there is time, maybe the crackers. Why a black caucus? Why keep perpetuating the silly racist crap? Why not meet with congress as a whole if that is what is required? Apparently it is only racism when whitey is doing it. In this day and age, you would think some of this nonsense would go away. Immigration is simple. Send the ones that are here illegally back across the border after letting them serve a little jail time. NO AMNESTY.... As far as the voting laws, the issue has nothing to do with race. It is a simple matter of having everyone show an ID at the polling places. It is a no brainer. I have to show mine at the bank, liquor store and anywhere I write a check. What is the big deal? Why do they have to make it into a racist situation. We don't want illegals voting. It is not a black thing. It is not a latino thing. It is to verify that Americans and only Americans are showing up to vote. Why on earth can politicians in general screw up and complicate the simplest of tasks. Just imagine if any president, ANY president only wanted to meet with only the white males of congress. There would be riots in the streets. Racism is wrong no matter who is perpetrating it. The president always manages to sink a bit lower than I give him credit for. I would say I lost a little more respect for him, but that would insinuate I have any respect for him to begin with.

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