Monday, July 15, 2013

Let's drum up some new demorats

Spanish language television, so Obama can get the word out to all illegals, and those too lazy to learn the language. My ancestors were German, Irish and Italian and they came here legally. They learned the language of the country. What kind of mess would this country be in if every immigrant decided to be proud of their language and not learn English as is a requirement of citizenship. There should be no press one for English. I have yet to hear press two for Italian, three for German, and so on and so on. Democrats pandering for a larger voting base. How about enforcing the laws on the books. NO AMNESTY......
2016 is looking grim. I was hoping Obamcare, immigration reform and gun control would put the hurt on the democrats, but, the Republicans are going all out on abortion laws. Mourdock lost and we are stuck with Donnelly. Republicans will never learn. What chance they have is currently being flushed down the drain. With Roe vs. Wade, the courts will throw out any and all laws the republicans manage to install, but women and voters everywhere will remember. Why can the republican party not keep from knocking themselves out of the running. Stay clear of laws that are going to get overturned and cost you your career. Just too complicated for politicians. Oh well, looks like Obama will get a free ride the last half of his second term. It will only help democrats as people vote them in simply to remove the republican that voted for abortion laws. Dems don't even have to raise money to run against them. I am still not happy with Mourdock. I seldom do the primary election, but I made it to vote for Mourdock, then, he lands on the abortion grenade, and we got Donnelly. Donnelly, the guy who votes for his party, not his constituents. It doesn't boil down to abortion right or wrong, it has more to do with having the sense to know if you are unable to do something that will stick, your beating a dead horse.

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