Thursday, May 16, 2013


All the idiotic gun laws they try and pass through congress, and again, I have to ask why. This story is of a local idiot that basically shut down a part of town earlier in the week. My question, WHY. Why was he not in jail. He had already, within the last year, been pulled over with a stolen gun. He was out on bond, ON BOND, from a previous kidnap situation earlier this year. The news latches on to an AR being in the house. He had threatened police officers at one of the altercations where he drunkenly crashed his vehicle into a tree with a locked and loaded rifle in the passenger seat. How can someone like this be out and about? Why do we need new gun laws when you have people like this trampling MANY laws, and still walking about? I don't understand how people like this are released out into the public over and over again. Bloomberg and his idiots want to disarm me and other law abiding citizens while they let nutjobs like this roam freely creating chaos wherever they go. Why do they have to wait until they kill someone before maybe doing something. And when all is said and done, it will be the guns fault. Not the fact that the system lets these people out over and over again.

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