Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The new immigration law radically increases high skilled worker visas to the US. When we have massive unemployment and college grads who are saying they can't get work and pay off their loans, why would we do this. Would it not make sense to radically cut the work visas or eliminate them all together to force companies to hire American graduates thus reducing unemployment and giving a young person a chance to learn a trade.

They are going to increase the lower level visas as well so farmers can have self importing slave labor. How convenient. Hotels can hire immigrants at a fraction of what an American worker would cost. If they are going to let lower skilled workers in, it should be people that have been waiting in line to enter, not those hiding, waiting for the next amnesty. But, before that happens, unemployment should be reduced. Cut visas for the lower skill jobs and fill them with people who are unemployed and have low or no skill. Again, unemployment goes down. People don't want to do the jobs, cut their benefits. Unemployment is for people looking for work, not those who don't wish to.

They are going to make citizenship hinge on the border security though. When you read the bill, it basically says there must be a plan for border security. It doesn't have to be in place, you just have to have a plan. The fine they have been talking about.....$500. WOW. A whopping $500 fine for illegally coming to the country and hiding out until the demorats get an amnesty program through. They have also expanded the anchor baby program up to family status now.

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