Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting a bit ridiculous

Overtime is nice, but this is getting ridiculous. Have thirty six hours in already and it's only Wednesday. They put me on the Saturday list and told me not to make plans for Sunday. We really need someone in management who has a clue how to schedule work. They let the job sit the week I was on vacation untouched. Nobody could figure out how to grind it. Stuff is extremely hard. I am now grinding it with a green silicon carbide wheel. Twelve inch long shaft .622 diameter with .100 inch of spray weld on it. They require the diameters to hold .0002 tolerance on the size across the shaft. Oh, and can we have them yesterday? There are only seventy five of them. They took my second and third shift guys and assigned them to another department. Now, they are having a hard time trying to figure out why it is taking so long to get jobs through the grinding group. Does one remaining person still qualify as a group?  I have just about hit my limit of how much stupidity I can handle. Have eighteen years in, nineteen is looking iffy.

 The monsoon took a break today, so I was able to get the grass cut just before the sun went down. Only been back a few weeks and I am ready for another vacation. A permanent one. The club has their friends of the NRA banquet this weekend, which I already bought tickets for, and it looks like I am not going to make it. Having an estate gun collection auction before they pick the winning guns of the event. I will be working. Winner need not be present for the prizes, but I was really looking forward to the auction and games. They have it every year and I usually win something. They always have some really cool gun prizes. They have a BBQ going on and some shooting games as well. May see if I can go in at 4am on Saturday so I can get off in time to catch the tail end of the drawing.

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