Friday, May 3, 2013

Finally heard back from Donnelly

Apparently, like a good little demorat, he believes our immigration system is broken. In my letter, I pointed out how the system is not broken, it is ignored. By giving amnesty again (as they did in the 80s) all they do is send the message that if you sneak in and hide long enough, you too can become a citizen. It encourages and rewards illegal unscrupulous behavior. If you were a Mexican, what incentive is there to go through legal channels. If you went to a movie, were standing in the ticket line, and people were walking past you and right in to the movie theater without paying (in droves), why would you proceed to stand in line and pay? They can't fathom common sense. Too worried about getting a fresh batch of demorats over here to bolster their voting base.

 Must have been catching up on his mail. I received two letters in the mail from him in the same week. The other one was on my gun control letter. He did so-so on that. He voted down the magazine and the AR bills, but voted for the other two. He, like most demorats, can not understand that the so called universal background check is plain and simple gun registration. The only true way of knowing that all guns are being sold legally would be to know where they all are now. What is wrong with that is, when the gun grabbers want to outlaw a gun you have, they know you have it, and where to go to get it. Look at all the local government bodies that have rushed the anti gun laws into effect. Their constituency is being given a very short period of time to get rid of any weapons that are effected by their regimes new socialist laws. If the guns are registered, they could simply look and see if you complied through the paper work, and if not, send the police to your door to take them. May as well grab all your weapons while they are there seeing as how they would now have you for breaking their firearms laws. Thus making you a felon and taking away your right to any firearms. With the liberals, it is just progressive baby steps. Coats will be getting my vote for sure. Donnelly, not a chance.

One thing I did as well right after the vote, I wrote and thanked Coats for sticking up for my rights. Figure people always write in and complain, it doesn't take long to write a simple thanks and let them know they did good. Figure if they hear the thanks enough, they may not swing the other way as the press is trying to make them feel they are losing votes. I sure hope this nonsense makes more people get out and vote the demorats out of office next year. If they lose the senate, maybe they will take the hint and back off for another decade or two. Seems they have a short memory. Of course the liberal media helps stoke the fire.

Been thinking of sending a thank you to Bloombergs little group. You know, thanking them for letting me know which senators stuck up for my rights, just in case the NRA missed one. It is mighty nice of them to let us know who voted down the anti gun laws so we can truly thank them at the polls. Even libtards have their uses. Figure they will appreciate the gesture ; )

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