Thursday, May 2, 2013

A full weekend off, yes

Been working ten and twelve hour days and Saturdays trying to get an ultra hot job out the door. Fortunately, the head of the shop cares more about looks than jobs getting out, so, painting the walls takes precedence over getting the job out. YES. Every once in a while the idiocy that is our management team actually does something so idiotic, it works out in your favor. Typical planning. They painted the floor a couple weekends ago, now they do the walls. I figure they will do the ceiling next. Most people with even a tiny bit of sense start at the top and work down so as not to contaminate the freshly painted surfaces. I can't believe the outfit I work for is the number one in their field. They have no ability at all to plan the simplest of tasks. Oh well, I will be enjoying the weekend. Found a little lathe mill combo on craigslist I want to check out Saturday. If the rain doesn't hit, hopefully I can get the garage straightened out a little bit.

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