Friday, May 10, 2013

One more day, maybe

They scratched Sunday off the list, maybe. I won't count on it until I exit the building tomorrow. Heading in at 4AM tomorrow so I can salvage a bit of the friends of the NRA event. The luncheon will be over, but I hope to hit part of the estate gun auction. I love gun auctions. Wish I hadn't had to work when the last club meeting was held. They probably had a list of the guns that will be there. They usually have a silent auction beforehand, but I will probably miss that as well.

Some good political moves this week. A bill is on the floor to give a tax break to people who purchase a gun safe. Actually trying to pass something sensible as far as gun safety. Who would have thought.  May get to write off the new safe I am getting. Also in the works, Senator Coats and a couple others are working on a bill to get rid of the free cell phone program. Free meaning paid for by the working people. Doesn't stand a chance in a democrat controlled senate, but, hopefully that will change next year. Still, we at least have one senator who is trying.

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