Friday, May 17, 2013

I am officially a relic now

The curio and relic license has a definition of the relic part as 50 years or older. Yeah, I am now officially a relic. I was suppose to be off today for my birthday, but, we are still swamped at work, so, I moved it a couple weeks down the road. I did have something waiting in the mailbox though. Another Jury duty notice, yeahhhh. Notice number four. So far, when I call in, there has been no court so I haven't had to show up. Hopefully I don't have to go in and I should be safe for a while. May 31st is the end of the period of time for this round.

Hoping on getting a little breather at work so I can get my safe delivered. Work has been unreal. Money is good, but it doesn't leave time for doing anything. Work tomorrow, but don't have to go in until seven, so that isn't too bad. Knocked the lawn mowing out today, so that is out of the way. May go to the range for a bit Sunday if it isn't raining too bad. Next weekend is the holiday weekend and I am hoping on getting Saturday off.


  1. Happy birthday! I tried texting your phone but guess I didn't have the number right. Hope the next half century goes a little easier.

    1. Thanks Og. Sorry about that. The text went to my smart phone which is still smarter than me. Got them a couple days later. I figure now that I made it to the top of the hill, the ride down should be easier :)