Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Poor Holder

He literally gets away with murder, or at least accessory to murder through fast and furious, and Obama retains him for another term. Press didn't seem to have too bad of a problem with that. Ironically, he is seated next to what passes for a president at the meetings to come up with gun safety. Press doesn't have a problem when the second amendment is getting stomped and used as toilet paper. Now, however, we must fire Holder. He allowed the government to actually take records from the press. Violating freedom of the press, oh my, now we MUST do something. One of the amendments in the bill of rights that counts has been trampled. While I certainly don't condone what the DOJ has done, I am quite enjoying watching the press whimper as their rights have been violated. Anxious to see how they react when Obama does absolutely nothing, nada, zilch about Holder other than an empty promise to look into it and supposedly make sure it doesn't happen again. Wonder how well they are going to take it. May actually get a little actual reporting out of some of them now. Maybe a little, ever so slight, reverence to Obama will diminish just a smidge. One can only hope.

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