Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shot day

Not for me, but Spike is now up to date on all his shots and his teeth are gleaming once again. While he was away, I was able to get some fence maintenance done along with cutting some planks for a new big screen stand. I am going to try it over the corner fireplace as it looks to be a perfect fit. It will also free up some living room space and it will be out from in front of the living room window. It is all pieced together and ready to nail. Tomorrow I will move the Vette and get the air nailer and compressor brought around to make quick neat work of it. Got the neighbors gate put back together as well. One of the storms did a number on it. She had the same builder that did my original fence. They should never have been allowed to build fences. Subdivision is less than a decade old and quite a few people have already replaced their fences, including digging post holes to depth and using concrete on the posts.

Stayed on course today and got a lot of work done. Wanted to hit the range, but I got some projects knocked out. Treated myself to a case of the old fashioned bottled coke, with sugar. Home Depot carries it by the case now. It is pricey, but I don't buy it all the time. Still haven't quite decided on safe yet. Didn't make it out to the gun store, but I can probably hit it Tuesday if they are closed for Memorial day. I lucked out and have jury duty Tuesday, oh joy. Almost made it through the timeframe without having to go down town. Have to go check it out beforehand so I know where to park. It will be something different to do I suppose.

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