Friday, February 10, 2012

Time to relax

Weekend is finally here. One of the guys at work told me about a decent butcher shop in the neighborhood. I use to live half a block from a butcher when I lived up north. I really miss that. My favorite from there were the pierogis. They were made there and a really nice variety.. Butcher down here is just past the Right to Bear Arms gun and bow store, so I will stop in and see what they have on special. Would like to get into bow shooting. Finally got a little white stuff falling from the sky. Just a dusting on the grass. Hopefully be gone by the time the sun comes up. This is my kind of winter. Wouldn't break my heart if I never saw snow again. Some of the kids at work keep hoping and praying for snow.They have the toys to play with in it. We are almost half way through February and I haven't had to break out the shovel yet. I should dig it out of the shed just so I know where it is in case I need it this year.  Got about half my .45 colt loading done yesterday after work. Will try to finish it in the morning. Hope to convert to .38 by lunch time tomorrow. Suppose to be cold all weekend, so reloading sounds like a good use of time. Pop a roast in the slow cooker with some veggies and let it stew all day. Maybe make some cornbread or corn muffins to go with it.

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