Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Still in the 60's

Go global warming. It was still 63 when I got off work. Yeaaaah. Came home and cleaned up, then off to the club for some more fun. It is suppose to be in the upper 50's and lower  60's through Saturday. Trying to take advantage of it while it lasts. Today is the club meet \ gun raffle. I dropped my tickets off , shot at cowboy town and got out of there. It is the one meeting everyone shows up at in hopes of winning a gun. Winner need not be present, so I vacated. There are so many people at that meeting, they set up folding chairs and you have to hold your plate in your lap as there is no room to put the tables up. Way too crowded for my liking.

Engineer from work came over yesterday and I demonstrated what all is involved in reloading. I walked him through setting up the dillon and ran off a few rounds. I am letting him have an old single stage Lee loader I had so he can see if he likes it or not. Set him up with an autoprimer , some shell plates , reloading guides, funnel and some miscellaneous items. Gave him the rundown on setting it up and ripped him a copy of a reloading video I have that is pretty good. He brought me some ammo for my Garrand and some .303 for my enfields.

His brother is going to be a member of the club next month. He is the one who had the little kid that liked my Garrand and loves military rifles. Told him to let me know next time they are out there and I will bring some more out for him to see. Kid really likes enfields and I have several I can take out to show him. Figure I can take the sks out as well. He will get a kick out of  the bayonet. I always have my single action revolvers with me, and I let them shoot the little .22 revolver at the cowboy town. They had a blast. They were begging their dad to join the club. A couple more guys at work were brought in last month and this month.

Another guy from work is buying my old Lee turret press, so I am getting rid of some of the old stuff I no longer use and introducing a few of the kids at work to reloading. It is enjoyable and saves a lot of money.One of my buddies from work is suppose to drop by so he can reload some .45 colt for his rifle. His kid lost his job and moved back home, so my buddy lost his reloading room. I am still set up on .45 colt, so it shouldn't take long to reload the brass he has. Might work out a swap. He wants some lead bullets for cowboy town (which I have a box of 500)  and I wouldn't mind trying some hornady bullets to try out to see what kind of groups I can get out of the carbine.

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