Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stocking up

Found an online source for lead bullets that come out to about .13 a piece. Way cheaper than I can get them in the store, and it is the same alloy mix. Ordered 4000 of them in three calibers. Should be set for quite some time. I also picked up the conversion kit to run .45 acp in the dillon. I will now be able to load lead rounds for the 1911 to use at cowboy town. Nice to find trusting people in this day and age. I placed the order for the bullets on line. The guy doesn't do credit cards. When I placed the order through the site, he e-mailed back that the order would ship the next day. He isn't even waiting for the check. You don't get that too often any more. Be nice if they arrive by the weekend. Suppose to be cold this weekend, so it is perfect weather for reloading.

I picked up a die plate for the dillon to run 30-06 as well. I have had the dies for some time and have lots of brass saved up. Usually shoot the surplus ammo in the garrand. Would like to try some custom reloads to see how she shoots. Have to do some digging and see what bullets work best. Figure I can use the die plate for 30-06, 308, and 30-40 krag. I don't plan on doing frequent runs on them, so no sense buying separate plates for all of them. The pistol calibers I use enough of, it is smarter to leave them set in their own plates ready to install quickly. Probably set up on .303 brit as well at some point. One of the guys at work gave me some ammo to use in my enfields. He sold his and had no use for it any more.

 Just need to survive two more days at work. It has been soooo slow, the days drag. It is just a temporary lag. When the work hits, we will be buried alive again. Beginning of year usually has a dead spot in the work flow, but this is the longest one we have had. It has given me time to catch up on neglected maintenance issues. Also able to do some cross training on the machines which will help out when things get busy again.

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