Sunday, February 12, 2012

Butcher worked out well

Cooked up the steak for dinner yesterday. There was a noticeable difference in quality compared to the grocer. I have tried different cuts from the grocer, and have not been happy with any. Steak turned out extra good as I used one of Brigid's recipes off of her blog (home on the range via side bar). She has a recipe for a good rub for the steak and by following her cooking directions, you keep the moisture in the meat. She has a lot of good recipes (as well as great articles) on the site. She could make a great cookbook. I have some sausage I picked up from the same butcher. I will try it in some jambalaya for dinner. Once I have some room in freezer, I will stock up from there. They have some good package deals. It is still cold out, but I plan on hitting the club to try out the new plinker. The range should be frozen enough to walk on now, so I may be able to try the M1A while there as well.

One of my buddies from work dropped by yesterday to check out the dillon press. He is using the same type Lee turret press I had before the dillon. I think he may be adding  a dillon to his wish list. His kid is going through some hard times and moved back home. So his reloading room turned in to  a bedroom. I told him he could bring his supplies over and use my press. It is even set up for the caliber and bullet that he is loading. Might have to adjust the powder bar depending on his powder preference.

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