Saturday, February 18, 2012

Auction day

Hit the auction this morning when it opened. The Krag was one of the first items. It was only me bidding against one other guy. If I had not been there, the guy would have walked with it for $300 out the door. I may have lost, but he got it at $950. It was in really nice shape, but I wasn't willing to go that high. I did get my P14 that I have been watching for. Out the door for $300. It's not a show winner, but for a hundred year old gun, she looks good. It is all matching and they are hard to come by.Wood is in decent shape as well as the bore. I picked up another #4 Enfield really cheap. It is in good shape, so I will sell my other one at one of the gun shows. I picked a bad time to pick up a burger. They had a K31 up for auction that was in nice shape. I have one so I wasn't looking. I would have bid had I known it would go for $175 out the door. Hunting rifles and shotguns go quicker than military down in this area. I also missed out on a coach gun. It was an American made with the exposed hammers. Really nice looking gun, but I was set on the Krag. Had I known how high it would go, I would have grabbed the coach gun.

 At home for a little while, then it is off to the Ducks Unlimited Raffle. I have been to a couple of the Friends of the NRA raffles, but this will be the first Ducks Unlimited.Usually bump in to people from work and the club at these events. Want to get there a little early to look around. I will definitely hit more of the gun auctions in the future. The auction house is close to my house and there are some outstanding deals to be had.


  1. Good luck with the raffle. Two gun shows this weekend, one here and one up north with Og and the gang, but the knee is still not up to walking more than a few yards at a time. I'm catching up on my reading though, and I've baked enough bread to fill up the freezer.

    Have fun!

    1. Hope your knee gets better soon. I was thinking of hitting the gun show in Indy as well as the outdoor expo at the Indy fairgrounds. The auction down here popped up as well as the Ducks Unlimited so I stayed down here. Auction was nice, but I wasn't up to the Ducks Unlimited. They have a bug going around at work and I think it has finally caught up with me. Probably take it easy the rest of the weekend and hopefully let it run it's course. Take care and get well soon.