Friday, February 17, 2012

I don't have to work this weekend,,,,,YEAH

Work went from dead to overwhelming in a day. We have been doing maintenance and cross training since it has been so dead at work. Now all the plants have their 2012 budgets and the work is pouring in. I actually prefer the work load to be on the heavy side. It makes the day go by and you actually feel you achieved something come the end of the day. Management is being stingy with the over time, sooo, I actually get the weekend off. I better enjoy it though as I believe the hours are going to go from forty hour weeks to sixty plus. Overtime doesn't bother me though. Extra money in the bank is always good.

My buddy at work told me of a huge gun auction near my house tomorrow. I went to their website and they have a few guns I would really like. They have a P14 that is showing at a really low price at present.It appears in excellent shape and I have been looking for one that is intact. The last gun show I went to had two, but the stocks had been repaired and they were rough overall. They also have a krag and a m1 carbine I want to bid on. They have a couple nice Garands there. I don't want or need another, but I will tell the engineer at work as he is looking for one. Should be a nice way to spend the day.

If I do have next weekend off, I may hit the Indy fairground as a buddy at work told me next weekend is the annual motorcycle show. A couple of the guys from work are making noises about heading there as well. Keep toying with the idea of getting one again, but the way people drive makes me nervous on four wheels much less two. I did enjoy riding many years ago, but lost my bike in a garage fire and then my son was born. Kind of put an end to that for a long while. May take the motorcycle training course they have near my house so I can ride one again and see if I still feel comfortable on one again. Tried horseback riding last year when the kid was down visiting, and my back and hip would not allow me to participate. Have to see if a motorcycle bothers it or not. I still enjoy looking at them at the shows, same as I enjoy the car shows. I would really love to put togeather an old triumph chopper. I always loved the way the triumphs looked, and the triumph choppers were my favorites.

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