Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gun show day

It was a pleasant day. First thing in the morning, I headed to the gun show at the armory. They had some good deals going on. It was one of the smaller ones they have had in a while, but the crowd was HUGE. Parking lot was full. I managed to get a few hundred rounds of .45 colt brass and a few plastic cases to hold the ammo when loaded. Bumped into a few vendors I  usually deal with. The reloader did not bring any lead bullets this time around, so I will have to order some through the net. I picked up some .45 acp brass on the cheap as well. Went over to the rifle case table and picked up a couple long /scoped rifle cases. They are American made and not badly priced.

Next stop, Booneville gunshow. It is a little hole in the wall 4h center in the sticks. It is really small, but generally has some really interesting stuff, as well as some good grub. Had a tenderloin sandwich for lunch and it was excellent. Bumped into the guy in charge of the cowboy shoots at the club and talked to him for a while. He usually has a table at all the gunshows. He has one at both of the gun shows this weekend. His buddy is handling the one at the armory. He does some really nice leather work. He had a couple of nice revolvers for sale as well. He referred me to a couple places on the web for lead bullets for a really reasonable price. I picked up a heavy duty hard double rifle case for sixty bucks. I saw a colt single action out there I may go back for. They had several tables of old military memorabilia as well.

Heading back from there, I dropped off at Buck and Jakes outfitters. It is a decent little gun and archery store. I bought my safe there a few years back. Prices have really gone up. They had a really small safe of the same make I bought for the same price I paid a few years ago. Mine is easily three times the size. I picked up a Lyman reload manual while I was there and checked out their reloading gear. Didn't have any luck finding a scope mount for the M1A. The guy that has the M1A and Garrand stuff wasn't there this show. Maybe next show. A couple more weeks and the local 4H will have their gunshow. May have luck there on the mount. Probably spend tomorrow reloading .45 colt so I can set back up and load some more .38 as I have gone through a lot of it already. The weather has been too nice to stay in. Want to run off some .357 as well. It is nice temperature wise, but very wet. May shoot cowboy town tomorrow, but I am sure the rifle range is way too wet to mess with.

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