Friday, March 25, 2011

Work weekend

Have to work tomorrow, but the weather is back to blah, so may as well make a few extra bucks. Talked to my kid today. He is suppose to come visit me in July. He is doing good. Got in at the Ford plant several months ago, and is getting ready to buy his first new car. Be the first time he gets to see my new house. He wants to go to the corvette museum in Bowling Green. I went a last year and it was a nice time. They have a used car lot right by the entrance that is all classic cars for sale. It is almost a museum in itself. This time I am going to get the tickets for the assembly line tour on line so we don't miss out. Last time, I missed the last tour by five minutes. Figure I can take him by the club to do a little shooting while he is down as well.

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