Sunday, March 6, 2011

New toy on order

When I took one of the engineers from work out to the club to check out the facilities, he brought out his savage .17hmr plinker. It was a blast to shoot and accuracy was amazing. His had the thumbhole stock which was comfortable, but I prefer the more traditional look and I love walnut stocks. I went and ordered it today. Comes with scope mounted and sited for under $300 out the door. Should have it by next weekend.

I also owe a huge thanks to Tam from View from the Porch blog for pointing out the new scope mount for the Garand. I ordered one for my Garand. It is my favorite out of all my rifles. The main reason I wanted a M1A is the ability to mount a scope. This mount installs without butchering the garand in any way. It comes with mounting hardware. I also have a leupold scope to mount to it when it comes in. I used my Cabela points for the scope which was already on sale.  Hope it all comes in before vacation starts.

 You can find the mount at  along with many other mounts and scopes. What I really like is the fact that they bolt on without having to drill or modify the rifle as I could not and would not butcher a piece of history. Am looking forward to trying it with the scope. I  am going to get the new wiring harness installed on the mustang. Hope to get the hydraulic clutch mounted to the trans as well. I am going to pull and rebush the pedal assembly as well. If the weather is warm enough to allow it, I will paint the garage interior as well. The end of vacation is the Indy 1500 gun show, so that will be a fine end to the vacation. Five more work days to go til freedom. Yeah...

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