Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thought about building an arc

Rain finally quit and  the sun showed up. Probably going to take a week before you no longer sink into the yard it is so saturated. Went to the welding place (finally) and picked up my tank of argon / CO2 mix for the mig welder. I also picked up a cheap stand for the tank and welder.

 The temperature got up around 70, and it is suppose to stay up there for a few days. I picked up the paint for the garage and charged up the battery in the Vette. Hope to get the Vette pulled out and paint the garage walls tomorrow. May get out to the range as well, if it isn't flooded too badly. I want to practice with the welder on some scraps and see if it does  any better than the flux core did. I also picked up a pneumatic punch for punching the holes in the panels to plug weld through. Placed the order for the under dash wiring harness. Guy on E-bay has one that hasn't been mutilated yet. When it gets here, I will have to find the mating plug to attach to the steering column. Ford  loved to change things randomly from model year to model year. They have two different plugs for the steering column. This should take care of the electrical gremlins, I hope. Picked up a cheap work bench for the office to set up the reloading equipment permanently. It's pretty solid, and has a upper and lower shelf as well as pegboard back. Should make it nice to store all the extra die sets and cleaning supplies.

 Still no word on when my rifle will be in. It's still on back order. May drop in the store tomorrow to see if they have a date for when it should be in. This weekend is the big Indy gunshow. Hopefully see my brother and Og. It is always a good time.

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