Saturday, March 19, 2011

New residents

In the middle of painting the rest of the garage, and the neighbor came by to talk for a few. We look over, and the ducks from yesterday were walking from the woods back to my pond for a dip. Brave little suckers. They look up at us, cut over a couple feet and walk around us to go to the pond. They stick around for a couple hours and then head over towards the neighbor down the road who has a pretty nice size pond the kids like to fish at behind his house.

 Garage is just about done. I did all but a little of the ceiling over the mustang. I will pick out some lights and install the one on the Vette side. Then I can spin the Mustang around and push it to that side, and install the last bank of lights as well as paint the last little spot I couldn't reach. Tomorrow will start with going to the club to help out with the shoot they have going on. The Indy show fell through. Og had something going with the family, and my brother doesn't drive down to it on his own, so maybe next time. It will allow time to get some work hours in and finish up the garage, so all is well anyhow. The shoot doesn't start til 11:00 so I should be able to play with the garand for a while. The garage is looking great. I still need to get the reloading stuff in and set up. I can do that in the evenings when it is raining though. Weather is sunny and warm again. Rain finally let up a little. Hopefully weather holds for a couple more days.


  1. I had one of those in the front of my house. Two geese actually nested out next to it a few years ago. When I bought the place I'd been told by previous owners that there was a mating pair that nested close to the house each year. That year, they picked the little decorative pond.

    Unfortunately it was by the front door. At first, Mr. Goose was hell bent to get me when I'd try and walk from driveway to door and I had to start using a side door. Then one day, while Mama was on the nest and Papa was away, a hawk set down about 10 feet away and stood watch, waiting for her to have to eat or drink and make a run on the eggs. I ran screaming like a banshee out of the front door, waving my arms straight at the hawk just as Papa goose showed up and the hawk took off like he was on fire and never came back. Papa goose after that, treated me like family, and I could walk within inches of the nest and he didn't fuss.

  2. Hi Bridid. I got home today and the neeghbor lady had a situation with the cat down the road. She had to step in and help the male duck. They are really friendly. They come within a couple feet of you when they are coming or going. I am hoping she picks down the road for a nesting spot as they have a retention pond with fish down there that would be adequate for her and the baby ducks. This pond is right by my front door as well, but fortunatly I usually exit via the attached garage. I do open the front door regularly to discourage the birds, who for some reason, try and nest in the light that is right next to the door. I made the mistake of letting them nest there one year, and it was very messy. Take care.