Friday, March 18, 2011

More rain

Just what we needed. More rain. I did manage to get the neighbors truck running before it started raining. Truck is street parked, so that was a good thing. When I went out the front door this morning, I was greeted by two mallards that decided my little fish pond would make a nicer duck pond. They spent the morning swimming and sunbathing. They got done and started walking down the road towards the woods at the end of the street.

Since it decided to rain, I managed to put my reloading bench together after rearranging the furniture in my office. I still need to bring the reloading press and supplies in from garage. Hoping it is dry out tomorrow so I can get to the range for a while. Still have a few days of vacation left and a gunshow Sunday in Indy. The batteries came in that I ordered from e-bay. My laser bore sighter uses 3 watch type batteries at $4.50 a piece through the store. E-bay has a blister pack of 100 of them for  $4.50 with free shipping. Tried them and they are the right size and work perfectly. Should be good for a while. The laser does eat them, but I now have 33 sets of them. Good place to go if you need the coin batteries often. The price in the stores is ridiculous.

So, for tomorrow, if the sun shines it is off to the range. If it rains, I will get my reloader set up and going. I have everything I need for doing the .38 calibre cowboy loads. Sunday at Indy, I want to see if I can find some .357 magnum brass at a decent price. I can try that in the Rossi and see if it feeds any better. It is suppose to shoot .38, but it flips them and jams pretty regularly. One of the guys at the range says he uses the .38 load with the .357 brass and they feed fine. I have alot of the .38 brass, but very little.357. 

Suppose to meet up with my brother and Og at the gunshow. Have to check with Og and see if he has any recommendations of parkerizing. I have a few parts I would like parkerized and would like to try it myself if it isn't to cost prohibitive.

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