Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perfect day at the range

Went to the club to work the spotshoot. It was beautiful out. It hit the mid 70's and a nice little breeze. Everyone showed up. We did 41 regular shoots, several meat shoots and a couple high dollar prizes. The kiddies did good too at the .22 shoot they have set up for them. It ran a half hour over because nobody wanted to leave. Had to come home and put the feet up though. A lot of walking. I returned home to find the neighbor lady watching the pond. She gave the neighborhood cat an attitude adjustment when he wouldn't leave the ducks alone. The male duck wasn't too happy with the cat. Same cat that kept trying to get my koi. If it wasn't a kid's pet, I think it would have an accident, but I can't do that to a kid's cat. Just wish they would keep the fool thing in their house.

I picked up the lights for the garage on the way home. Two eight foot fluorescent fixtures. Just painting the garage white helped illuminate it well. Replacing the two light bulbs with the fixtures should really brighten things up. I should get them up tomorrow. I am going to head to the range in the morning. By the time the spot shoot was over, I was too tired to head break out the gear and shoot. I left the guns in their cases and threw them in the living room. Rest of gear I just left in truck.Should be a quick pack and go in the morning.
Tomorrow is the last day of vacation. Wish it could have lasted a little longer. Couple weeks until machine gun shoot. I may take a vacation day to head over there. May ask neighbor if she could take care of the dog so I can hit the Patton museum on the way there or the way home.

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