Sunday, September 28, 2014

What a work day

Hit the club to get in some work hours. It was absolutely gorgeous out today. I made out well. I put in four bucks on a half pot, and won fifty bucks. Bought a spot on a splatter board for two bucks, won ten. Bought in on another, won twenty. Not bad for a leisurely day. Got most of my work hours in as well.

I got to see the caretakers ten year old daughter take everyone to school. Ten years old, and she won three of the big prizes at the spot shoot. She started with the hundred dollar prize. Her brothers 12 gage shot gun she was using was bigger than she was. I was highly impressed. She didn't flinch at all. Her footing was perfect, and she was downright obliterating the target. It was a blast just watching her. Some of the adults were getting a bit miffed. Got to see another little kid, probably about ten, win the other half pot for fifty bucks. It made his day.

All in all it was a perfect day. Figure I will work there next weekend as well, but the following weekend is machinegun shoot weekend. It will be awesome.

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