Monday, September 15, 2014

beating things back into shape.............

Machine I put back together Saturday after back shift majorly crashed the heck out of it leaked coolant like a sieve. I pull rubber way guard and find the stainless steel accordion guard covering the ways was bent all to hell. Took a couple hours getting the tangled mess disassembled and another few hours to beat and bend it back into shape. What a mess. Should have a new wheel to put on it tomorrow so hopefully we will be back up and running again.

Perfect timing. Working on the machine, I usually replace all damaged bolts with fresh, especially when they are 5mm button head cap screws. Can't get to new ones. The geniuses that run the place decided to replace MSC with Grainger, and MSC was in removing their tool cabinets which hold ALL hardware. Bolts, nuts, threading inserts, cutting inserts, taps, dies, every single thing every person in the shop needs all day long. What a mess. Everything Grainger has, which is way less than MSC stocks, is much more expensive. Grainger doesn't offer the inventory control MSC provided for checking items out against a job number so as to charge customer for parts used. This move will definitely cripple the shop for the foreseeable future. We peons on the floor had zero warning it was happening so we couldn't even get what we knew we would need out of cabinets to get by while they transition. They might be able to run the place worse than they do, but it would definitely be a challenge. Oh well, Monday is over. Hopefully it isn't one of those weeks with five Mondays in them.

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