Saturday, September 6, 2014

Now that was a steam show.

That was awesome. They have a steam powered machine shop on one half of the building, the other half, a wood shop. It is amazing watching how they did things way back then. Drive belts hanging from the ceilings. The old cutters back before the days of carbide and ceramic cutters. Saw a blacksmith, they had a smoke house going. They were threshing in a different section. It was the best steam show to date. Will definitely be putting it on the list of annual events to hit. Was debating going today. It was overcast really bad this morning and didn't improve all day. Hit a few rain drops going out, but continued anyway. Am glad I did. It stayed overcast, but it also stayed in the low 70's. Felt a few rain drops a few times during the day, but not enough to even call it rain. Stayed all day. It started raining when I was about fifteen minutes into the ride back home, so it was a perfect day.

                                                       An older lathe, one of three they had set up.

The power source
The wood shop side


  1. It's in Elnora Indiana. It ran from Thursday until today. Probably about an hour drive south of where you are. They have it every September. This is the first time I went to this one. Definitely won't be my last. It was a great time. They have a little bandstand where they played bluegrass music during the day. It was a great time.