Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finally a decent day

My jaw feels fine for the first time in a while. Wisdom tooth calmed down and all is well. Machines are all back up and functioning at work, and I can simply run them. Ahhh. Back to a somewhat normal state. Going on work weekend number two. Should make the next check a bit more palatable. Believe the spot shoots start this weekend, so, I believe I will swing by the club and get in some of my work hours. Usually have them in by the spring and putting in bonus hours now, but, I was extremely busy at work in the spring and didn't get to participate. Lawn work is all done, so hopefully get some garage time tomorrow. Last couple days have been spent napping after work. Feeling quite a bit better than I have in a while. Would like to finish some garage projects. Want to reorganize so I can get the Vette over more to the middle of the garage giving me some more room by the bench so I can work with the car in the garage. I would love to have a bigger garage, or better yet, a pole barn. Only a few more weeks until the fall machine gun shoot. This year has flown by.

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