Friday, September 26, 2014

This weather can stay year around....

Been driving the Vette into work all week, and going out for a long cruise after work. I love this time of year. Take the top off and enjoy the breeze and the ride. Actually got the weekend off. Probably ride around and enjoy the weather for a change. most of the chores are caught up. Two weeks until the machine gun shoot, and counting down. Want to pick up a couple forgings, both upper and lower receivers. Be nice to find a 1911 forging as well. May check prices on an upper in 7.62x39. I can always score that ammo on the cheap, and have quite a bit as well.

Vette got washed and waxed Tuesday. Tomorrow will be the trucks turn. She's a bit on the filthy side. Figure get her cleaned up while the weather is sweet. Want to pull the radio on the Vette and run a cable from the rear input to the glove box for my I-pod. Need to put a relay on the truck radio to bypass the silly safety that keeps me from dialing phone from radio display without it being in park. It's nice to be able to dial while at a light. I am not stupid enough to try and dial and fumble about while cruising down the road. Wish they didn't have to child proof everything. Us big kiddies always find a work around, it's just a pain to have to do it.

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